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Relyen MAM software can realize various allocation settings (balance or net value allocation mode) on MT4 server. This means that the money manager only needs to operate the trading order of the MT4 master account, and the MAM software will complete the remaining operations.
Money managers can adjust trading parameters in real time
Unlimited number of accounts and deposit amount
Trading-Standard Lot (1.00), Mini Lot (0.10), Micro Lot (0.01)
The minimum allocation amount is 0.01 lots (that is, 1000 base currency units)
Supports all common transaction order types: market order, limit order, stop loss order
Supports all special order forms: trailing stop loss, closed positions, closed all
Can use different strategies to manage different parent accounts
Allow Expert Advisors
View MAM market observation window
Use MAM to manage real orders, including profit and loss calculations
Monitor transaction costs and performance in real time
Provide solutions for EA or manual managers