Major Forex
The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market by transaction volume. According to BIS statistics, the global foreign exchange daily transaction volume in 2013 has reached 5.3 trillion, and it has shown a continuous growth trend. Compared with other financial markets such as stocks and bonds, the foreign exchange market has advantages such as 24-hour continuous trading, fairness and transparency, high liquidity, leverage mechanism, and low transaction costs.
* Some exchanges have different trading hours for different trading products.
Product name Value per point Contract standard Minimum point size Minimum trading lots
EURUSD 1USD 100000 0.00001 0.01
AUDUSD 1USD 100000 0.00001 0.01
GBPUSD 1USD 100000 0.00001 0.01
USDCHF 1CHF 100000 0.00001 0.01
USDJPY 100JPY 100000 0.001 0.01
USDCAD 1CAD 100000 0.00001 0.01