Trading Platform
Improve your trading speed and efficiency with our various powerful trading platforms. Find the trading platform that works best for you.
MetaTrader 4 For Windows
With its friendly and personalized design, MetaTrader 4 has become the most respected and widely used online trading platform in the global foreign exchange field. On the Relyen MT4 platform, customers can trade instantly, add technical analysis tools, view interactive charts, transaction reports and data analysis.
Main features:
Allow EA to automate trading; support EA back-testing; provide charts of different time frames; more than 50 built-in technical analysis tools; multi-language support; set stop loss / take profit orders / track stop loss orders; check account status online; provide logs Inquire.
MetaTrader 4 For Android
Relyen offers MetaTrader 4 for Android, which you can use for free on the Android operating system. Using MT4 For Android allows you to seize every trading opportunity, manage and view your account information, browse quotes, and view transaction history data whenever and wherever possible.
Main features:
View and manage account information; all products can be traded in real time; modify order types at any time; provide interactive chart functions; get all transaction history; multiple time cycle charts to choose from; customizable chart color schemes; Download free software directly
MetaTrader 4 For IOS
You can use MetaTrader 4 for iOS for free on iPhones and tablets. This means you can make transactions easier. MetaTrader 4 For IOS is an IOS native system, which you can download directly from the Apple App Store.
Main features:
Simple user guide interface; Check account status online; All products can be traded in real time; Modify order types at any time; Provide interactive technical indicators; View complete transaction history; Multiple time periods to choose from; Can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store for free software