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Why choose Relyen
Choosing the right online broker is vital to every investor, helping you more easily achieve your financial expectations. There are many factors to consider and you need to evaluate them carefully, so we have listed our core strengths to tell you why you choose Relyen
Account funds security
Protecting customer funds is an important part of Relyen's financial security commitment. Relyen strictly adheres to the client's rules for client funding.
We provide trading spreads for indifferent markets. The transaction cost of traders is the first factor that affects trading profits.
Low Level Trading Cost
Global Regulation
Fund Security
Wide Variety of Products
Trading Products
Relyen uses advanced technology to provide high-quality quotes and provide customers with a variety of fast and convenient trading markets, including mainstream foreign exchange disks, rare foreign exchange disks, Minor Forex, CFD stock indexes, and energy oil.
Minor Forex
Minor Forex are a relatively long-term investment product, and trading and holding physical Minor Forex has become very popular among individual investors in recent years.Its large trading market, flexible trading methods, and simple trading operations, whether it is experienced investors or gold investment beginners, can take advantage of the product to obtain rich profit opportunities.
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CFD Stock Index
A stock index CFD is a financial instrument that represents the underlying value of a publicly listed company. The S & P 500 is a leading stock index that reflects the collective value of top companies listed on the NYSE. If the overall value of these companies rises, the S & P 500 will rise. Still other stock indexes represent smaller companies that trade on the NYSE, as well as stock indexes on different stock exchanges around the world, from Japan's Nikkei to Germany's DAX.
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Minor Forex
The Minor Forex disk contains currencies provided by special countries. It does not trade as extensively as the mainstream disk, but it has special investment value. It can meet the specific trading needs of traders. These rare currency pairs are usually combined with a mainstream currency, such as USD / ZAR, EUR / TRY, USD / MXN, etc., but at the same time There are two rare currency combinations, such as NOK / SEK.
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Major Forex
The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market by transaction volume. According to BIS statistics, the global foreign exchange daily transaction volume in 2013 has reached 5.3 trillion, and it has shown a continuous growth trend. Compared with other financial markets such as stocks and bonds, the foreign exchange market has advantages such as 24-hour continuous trading, fairness and transparency, high liquidity, leverage mechanism, and low transaction costs. Therefore, it has become a sought after investment field.
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Energy oil is a naturally occurring petroleum product that is generally used in energy production and manufacturing. Energy oil is usually purchased for refining to produce diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers for daily use. Therefore, its price has a huge impact on the global economy. Generally speaking, rising oil prices will increase travel and transportation costs, which will increase inflationary pressures, and personal consumption will usually stagnate. Therefore, rising oil prices will often weaken economic growth.
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Trading Platform
Improve your trading speed and efficiency with our various powerful trading platforms. Find the trading platform that works best for you. With its friendly and personalized design, MetaTrader 4 has become the most respected and widely used online trading platform in the global foreign exchange field. On the Relyen platform, customers can trade instantly, add technical analysis tools, view interactive charts, transaction reports and data analysis.
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Trading Tools
Relyen MAM plan can realize various allocation settings (balance or net value allocation mode ) on MT4 server . This means that fund managers only trade orders MT4 main operating account, MAM software will complete the remaining operations.
Money managers can adjust trading parameters in real time
Unlimited number of accounts and deposit amount
Trading-Standard Lot (1.00), Mini Lot (0.10), Micro Lot (0.01)
The minimum allocation amount is 0.01 lots (that is, 1000 base currency units)
Supports all common transaction order types: market order, limit order, stop loss order
Improve your trading speed and efficiency with our various powerful trading platforms. Find the trading platform that works best for you.