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Terms and agreements

Relyenfx Terms and Condition

After accepting your application, we will open an account for you. We can open different accounts for you, including opening different accounts for different products. We reserve the right to refuse to open an account for any reason. You promise that any information you provide to us is correct. If you make any material changes to the information provided to us in the application form, including contact information or changes in financial status, you must notify us immediately.

Relyenfx Client Agreement

With strong technical support, Relyenfx is committed to providing comprehensive and comprehensive financial services to its customers. The Customer Agreement is part of the agreement between Relyenfx ("we") and the customer ("you") and applies to our trading services and all transactions between us and you. Please read this agreement carefully. If you do not understand, please discuss with us.

Relyenfx Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of our customers and website visitors and securing their personal and financial information is one of our primary responsibilities, and the privacy statement explains how Relyenfx collects and protects your information. According to the Privacy Statement, once you open an account with Relyenfx or use our website, you agree that EC MARKET will collect and use your personal information in accordance with the content of this privacy agreement.

Relyenfx Risk Warnings

It is important that Relyenfx ("EC") send the username and initial password to your private mailbox. Please change the initial password to your personal secure password the first time. EC is not liable for any transactions and related losses and other subsequent related results that may result from the transaction or background password of any reason being known to third parties (including proactive disclosure to third parties).