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What is foreign exchange?

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. Consistent transactions of currencies make the foreign exchange market the one with the most liquidity among all financial markets in the world.

Is the foreign exchange market a fair market?

The foreign exchange market is one of the fairest and most transparent financial markets in the world. There is a large number of participants in the foreign exchange market, of which the quantity of transactions is enormous. No country or bank can control the direction of a currency would go.

Who is the main participant in the foreign exchange market?

Major players in the foreign exchange market are central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, large multinational companies, fund managers, registered brokers, currency brokers and private investors

Where is the foreign exchange market?

The foreign exchange market does not have a central location. Unlike the stock market and the futures market, forex trading does not take place at the exchange, but over the counter (OTC). There are no central exchanges or private investors between banks, governments, and hedge funds. The foreign exchange market is open 24/5.

What are the opening and closing hours of major international foreign exchange markets?

The following are all Beijing time Wellington Forex Market, New Zealand: 04:00-12:00 (winter) 05:00-13:00 (summer) Sydney Forex Market, Australia: 06:00-14:00 (winter) 07:00-15:00 (summer) Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market: 08:00-15:30 Frankfurt Foreign Exchange Market: 15:30-23:00 London Foreign Exchange Market: 16:30-23:30 (summer) 17:00-00:30 (winter) New York Foreign Exchange Market: 21:30-03:00 (summer) 22:00-04:00(winter)

Where is my funds kept?

Relyenfx deposits client funds in a separate trust account with the world's AAA banks—Barclays Bank.

What is CFD?

CFD is the abbreviation of Contract for Difference. CFD is a kind of financial derivatives. Investors can trade CFD and make profits based on the price trend of financial products.

What is the pip value?

The pip value is the price change of base currency against the quote currency that can occur upon trading of 1 lot.

How to calculate the pip value?

For pairs where the USD is listed as the second currency in the currency pair Formula: pip=lot size * tick size E.g: In a standard contract of GBPUSD, the contract size is 100000 1 pip value = 100000(lot size)x 0.0001 (tick size) = $10 For pairs where the USD is listed as the first currency in the currency pair Formula: pip=lot size * tick size/current rate E.g: In a standard contract of USDJPY, the contract size is 100000 1 pip value = 100000(lot size)x 0.0001 (tick size) / 106.50(current rate)= $9.39 For the cross currency pairs where the USD is listed as neither the base currency not quote currency Formula: pip=lot size * tick size*base quote/current rate E.g: In a standard contract of EURGBP, the contract size is 100000, and the exchange rate of EURUSD is 1.1094 1 pip value = 100000(lot size)x 0.0001 (tick size)*1.1094(exchange rate of EURUSD) / 0.9117(exchange rate of EURGBD)= $12.17

What is the spread?

Spread is the difference between the bid and ask price. If you are placing a buy order, you will trade at the ask price; if you are placing a sell order, you will trade at the bid price.

What is leverage?

Leverage allows investors to get more potential profits (as well as risks).

What is margin?

Margin is the amount required to open a position in your account. Margin is calculated based on the current price of the base currency against the US dollar, the size of the position (volume) and the leverage applied to your trading account. If you do not have enough funds available, you will not be able to open a position on trading platform. If you wish to open an additional position, the available margin amount shown on the trading platform is the amount you can use.

How to calculate the margin?

Margin is calculated in the following formula: Margin = price *lot size*contract size/leverage For example, The current price of the euro against the US dollar is 1.10958, which means it costs you $1.10958 to buy 1 Euro, or you can sell 1 Euro for $1.10958. If you buy 100000 Euros for $110,958 (1 lot), with the leverage of 100 you will need to provide an amount of $1109.58 deposit as margin.

What is the base currenty?

In a currency pair the base currency is listed as the first currency. E.g.: EURUSD, the EUR is the base currency.

What is the balance/net value/used margin/remaining margin?

Equity=Balance + Profit/Loss Margin=The total amount of money that has been locked up to keep the trader’s positions, often is referred to as used margin Free Margin=Equity - Margin

Is there a difference between a demo account and a real account?

There is no difference between a demo account and a live account, they are completely the same, except that you use real money to trade in the live account. Thus, you need to understand the risks involved.

Does EC provide any training?

Relyenfx provides a wide range of online education.

Transaction related issues

Which software you need to download before starting the transaction?

If you want to start your trading trip in Relyenfx, you need to download the software MetaTrader 4 (called MT4).

Which account types are available?

Relyenfx can provide two type of accounts: ECN account and Standard account.

Which products can you trade at RelyenWebfx?

We can provide a large number of capital market products. The one thing you need to do is open a live account to create a diversified portfolio.

What is the minimum amount required to open a live account?

Relyenfx allows customers to open accounts as low as $200.

How can you find your current account leverage?

To confirm the account leverage, you can log in your MT4 software and click “account”, then hover your mouse over your account. The current window will show your current leverage and base currency.

How to adjust the leverage?

You can submit a leverage change request through the customer relationship management system.

Can you have multiple trading accounts in RelyenWebfx?

Yes you can. Relyenfx allows you to open multiple trading accounts.

What about the open hour about RelyenWebfx?

Opening time: 00:01 MetaTrader 4 server time (Monday) Closing time: 23:57 MetaTrader 4 server time (Friday) Please note that the timing of some tools may variable and the trading hours for all products can be found in our product specifications.

What is the trading time for gold and silver?

The trading hours for gold and silver (XAUUSE and XAGUSD): ? Opening time: 01:00 MetaTrader 4 server time ? Closing time: 23:57 MetaTrader 4 server time

How to open a live account in RelyenWebfx?

You can log in or register on the official website and complete the following steps as required. Once your online application is approved by our customer service team, the system will send you a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) account and password by email.

How to open a demo account at RelyenWebfx?

You can log in or register on the official website and complete the following steps as required, then register successfully.

What documents need to be submitted to open a live account in RelyenWebfx?

You will need to provide proof of identity (required) and proof of address (not required). The identity certificate includes the front and back of the ID card or the passport (the national emblem and the avatar page); the proof of address includes the account book (the page of the person and the homepage), the bill of water, electricity, gas, credit card within 3 months, the name of the household must be my own , driver's license (first, secondary page).

How long is the demo account valid?

The demo account is valid for 30 days.

Whether to allow scalping and hedging?

We completely allow for hedging and scalping strategies. Our spreads and trading conditions are the first choice for traders and scalper traders around the world.

How to place an order?

To place an order on the Relyenfx MT4 platform, you first need to select the product to be traded. Then select the size of the transaction. Finally click on "Buy" (or "Sell") and confirm.

Can you earn interest by depositing money into my live account?

Relyenfx does not pay any account balance interest.

Can I use the lock function?

Relyenfx customers can use the lock function.

Can I still trade after the market closes?

You cannot trade when the market is closed. You can only trade (open, close, execute and modify orders) when the market opens.

Why do you charge three times the overnight interest on an overnight position on Wednesday?

Thus when it is held from Wednesday to Thursday, the settlement date is actually next Monday. Monday: one day overnight interest. Trading on Monday, holding positions from Monday to Tuesday, settlement date is Wednesday to Thursday, so pay / charge one day interest. Tuesday: one day overnight interest. Trading on Tuesday, holding positions from Tuesday to Wednesday, settlement date is Thursday to Friday, so pay / charge one day interest. Wednesday: three days overnight interest Trading on Wednesday, holding positions from Wednesday to Thursday, the settlement date is Friday to next Monday, so pay / charge three days interest. Thursday: one day overnight interest. Trading on Thursday, holding positions from Thursday to Friday, the settlement date is next Monday to next Tuesday, so pay / charge 1 day interest. Friday: one day overnight interest. Trading on Friday, holding positions from Friday to next Monday, settlement date is next Tuesday to Wednesday, so only pay / charge 1 day interest.

What is the minimum number of RelyenWebfx support?

Relyenfx supports Micro volume trading. The number of mini lots in MetaTrader 4 is expressed as 0.01, which is equivalent to 1000 basic currency units.

What is the maximum number of RelyenWebfx support gold (XAUUSD) single transaction?

The maximum number of Relyenfx support gold (XAUUSD) single transaction is 200 standard lots.

Can I place a pending order?

MetaTrader 4 allows you to set pending orders. Pending orders are stored on the trading server and executed when the condition settings are met.

Can I track a stop loss order?

MetaTrader 4 allows you to set a trailing stop loss order in the trading terminal.

What is the Margin level or blow up ratio of RelyenWebfx?

The Relyenfx Margin level or blow up ratio is 50%. This means that if your available margin is less than 50%, your position will be automatically closed. MetaTrader 4 will automatically close to the minimum in the largest loose position order. The calculation formula is as follows: margin level or blow up ratio = equity / margin * 100%.

Why am I receiving an "Invalid Account" message?

Generally received "invalid account", may be caused by the following circumstances, please check your account details and try again. 1. The username or password is incorrect. 2. The server address is incorrect.

How can I get an account statement?

You can get an account statement from the MetaTrader 4 to select History option.

How can I log in to my Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

First you need to register a live account to have a customer relationship management system (CRM). After the registration is successful, your registered email address will be received by the customer relationship management system account and password. You can log in your account through the homepage.

How can I change my Customer Management System (CRM) password?

Log in to the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), click on the top page of the web page "Change Password" → enter "Old Password" → enter "New Password" → enter "Confirm New Password" and click the "Save" button.

How can I change my trading account master password?

In the MetaTrader 4, select the "Tools" tab → select "Options" → in the "Server" tab, click on "Change" → select "Change Master Password" → enter "old password" (here the old password must be the primary password) ) → enter "New Password" → enter "change" → click 'OK' to complete the modification process. Ps: Please make sure your trading account master password is different from your read-only password.

How to change the read-only account password of the trading account?

"Modify" → select "Change read-only password (for investors)" → enter "old password" (here the old password must be the main password) → enter "new password" → enter "re-confirm" → click 'OK' to complete Modify the process. Ps: Please make sure your read-only password is different from your trading account master password.

Why are the quotes on my platform not updated?

First you need to check if the network connection is working. If there is no problem with the network connection, please contact Relyenfx customer service by sending an email to or by calling our international contact number: 0064 99300 621.

My browser can't log in to the company's webpage, or I can't sign up for a demo and live account. What should I do?

We recommend that you use the latest version of Microsoft browser, or Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers.

What is the reason why the MT4 platform shows "transaction is busy"?

"Transaction is busy" is a common mistake in MT4, mainly because MT4 cannot handle multiple processes at the same time. So please restart your MT4 to solve this problem.

What is slippage?

“slippage” is a term that refers to the difference between a trade’s expected price and the actual price at which the trade is executed. It is a phenomenon that occurs when market orders are placed during periods of elevated volatility, as well as when large orders are placed at a time when there is insufficient buying interest in an asset to maintain the expected trade price. For example, a market gap may be reopening after the end of the weekend, or after a major news event (such as employment data or interest rate resolutions). It is a general consensus that slippage occurs occasionally in all markets. Under the fair mechanism of ECN matching transactions, when an investor presets a stop-loss order, a stop-loss order or a pending order, if the market price reaches the trigger price set by the investor. The take profit order, stop loss order or pending order will become the market order and will be traded at the best market price that can be performed at that time. Therefore, slippage may result in greater gains, or greater losses, and the probability of return and risk is equal. In addition, we recommend that customers avoid or reduce the risk exposure of positions held on weekends or market closings or any political events or major news releases, and that this type of gap is likely to occur frequently.

Payment related issues

How to recharge your wallet?

Log into customer relationship management system (CRM), click the navigation bar "finance" → "wallet" → "confirm the entered US dollar amount" (the platform gives the RMB exchange rate according to the real-time exchange rate, the minimum is 200 US dollars, and the payer must be the account holder himself).

How long does it take to get to my wallet after recharging?

According to the bank settlement system, before 17:00 on weekdays, deposit would be received within 2 hours; after 17:00 on weekdays and weekends and holidays, it might be slightly delayed.

How to transfer the wallet funds into the trading account?

Log into customer relationship management system (CRM), click "finance" → "fund inwards" → "transfer out" to select "wallet" → "transfer in" to select "transaction account" → enter "amount" → click "confirm transfer".

How to withdraw money?

Log in customer relationship management system (CRM), click "finance" → "the wallet withdrawal" in the upper right navigation bar of the web page, input the amount to be withdrawn, corresponding bank information, mobile phone number verification code, and upload the front photo of the bank card.

How long does it take to get to my bank card after the withdrawal?

The withdrawal application before 08:00 Beijing time on week days will be processed within the same day; after 08:00, in next trading day.

Is there any service fee for withdrawal and top up of the wallet?

There is no service fee for withdrawal or top up.

What is the minimum top up amount?

The minimum top up amount is $200.

What currency is top up in?

Top up is in USD.

What are top up methods?

At present, you can top up with your debit card, with a minimum payment of $200.00 USD and a single maximum payment of $6800.00.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

There is no limit for withdrawal.

What currencies is withdrawal in?

The withdrawal is in US dollars.

What are withdrawal method?

Your withdrawal will be deposited into the debit card you provide when you open the account with us.

Can I make transfer to another account under the same name? How long does it take?

You need to transfer the funds to the wallet first, and then transfer from wallet to your destination account. All internal transfer are in real-time.

Is there any service fee for internal transfer?

No, there is no service fee for internal transfer.